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Donald A. Bailey 
Splatter Art Curator



“I stand firm for the creative art of my technical skill, rather than a mechanical driven production!” Donald A. Bailey


Donald A. Bailey, a self proclaimed Splatter Art Curator, would not call himself an artist in the traditional sense of the word, but does create unique and exclusive art portraits. 


Donald currently lives in Mississuaga, Ontario, and has shared a  relationship with the automotive collision industry for over thirty years. While working as an Auto Refinisher and Paint Distributor, he utilizes paints such as lacquer, acrylic, enamel, urethane and waterborne.


Engaging with consumers provided him the insight to realize that technicians and consumers share a true love and passion for vehicles -- that the former strives for daily in his work. Donald holds the belief that paint technicians are artists that showcase their skill everyday, albeit in pressured environments. Where as traditional artists use a variety of mediums, such as clay, canvas, photography, etc.


While following his daily routine, a visualization opened his eyes- the automobiles were expressing themselves. Now Donald uses the automobile's paint DNA as his inspiration to create a new medium of abstract art. He produces these moments of expression and converts them into exclusive giclee photograhps and  paintings daily, calling them Splatchi.




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