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About Us


Splatchi Couture automobile's art expression leads to a conversation of bewilderment and that leads to the fun of sharing.

An automobile  art form with a brand name called Splatchi Couture is aiming to forge out an identity in the exclusive industries of art and automobiles. Splatchi Couture’s art is directly related to a vehicle’s manufacture's VIN and paint code. Actually the paint on the exterior of the automobile is the foundation of what Splatchi art is derived from. This gives Splatchi legit relevance to be at any automobile show, exhibition, dealership showroom or anywhere else automobiles are presented for personal or public viewing. You will also find that Splatchi art  is visually rich in charicture making it a warm and welcomed addition to the total family home interior decor.  


What does Splatchi Couture do?


Splatchi Couture creates exclusive automobile abstract art captions and through various levels of in house and guest artists convert them into high end paintings.


Splatchi Expressions

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